Prince Juan Book Launching

I’m thrilled to announce the successful book launching of my first children’s book – Prince Juan, at Maury Young Arts Center on July 21, 2018. My warmest gratitude goes to all the participants and friends whose amazing support made this event possible. I would like to give a big shout out to everyone at Maury Young Arts Center; Rebecca Mackay, for setting up the event and for being such a wonderful host; Anna Solich, for the fun and bubbly open bar. To Ate Anne and Ate Becky, for the savory food and magnificent table presentation. To everyone at Friesenpress; for believing in me and for bringing my book to life.

I would also like to thank the following for carrying my book: Friesenpress, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo, Amazon Kindle Store, Whistler Arts Center, Gallop Gallery, Armchair Books, iTunes Bookstore, and Google Play Books.