Prince Juan

Prince Juan Book Launching

Book launching of my first children's book - Prince Juan, at Maury Young Arts Center on July 21, 2018.

Prince Juan Homecoming

Celebrating the success of my first children's book, Prince Juan, I plan to take it to its birthplace - my hometown of Iligan City in the Philippines.

Alpha Villanea

Alpha Villanea is the author of the children's book, Prince Juan. The story of Prince Juan, which originated from the imagination of Alpha’s great great grandfather, was passed down to her by her grandmother, Linda Sabayle. With the publication of Prince Juan, Alpha wanted to preserve the legacy of the storytellers before her and to honor the memory of her beloved grandmother, who passed away two years before her story was published. She hopes that the story of Prince Juan will be enjoyed by children all over the world and passed on from one generation to the next.